Our Services

It has been our practice to benchmark our services to international standards.

Application Development

Turn the creative concepts of your company into a reality through cutting edge application development services. Our experienced team helps meet your business needs by offering practical and rational solutions. Over the years, We have been building complex systems that help clients manage the huge data generated on a routine basis.


We help companies to stay ahead in competition, by facilitating them to take advantage of the opportunities and beat the challenges. We prepare companies to change the future into an opportunity. When a client looks for consultation assistance, our team comprising of professionals from various fields come together to offer the best solutions in the industry.

Online Branding

We have been offering futuristic online branding solutions that help companies create the required image of their brands, products and services in the minds of the target group. We combine the knowledge of powerful tools of online marketing with advanced and latest technologies, which help companies achieve their objectives in a shorter span of time.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, the most effective online tool for marketing is search engine optimization. When search engine optimization is used effectively, the ranking of your website on the search engine improves, there by improving the chances of customers landing on the website. In short, SEO or search engine optimization increases the visibility of our clients on the internet.

Mobile Apps Development

There are many Android and Windows based apps which are streaming the market. Yet need for new applications is always open. TMCS offers customized apps for companies dedicated to their networks. The compatibility is specific and user-friendly too.

Domain & Web Hosting

TMCS offers reliable web hosting and VPS services with a 99% uptime so that your web presence is uninterrupted. We offer hosting on both LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Phyton) and Windows. We also help you to register or transfer your domain name and have all your domains under one control panel so that you can manage them easily.